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Electric Wire Rope Hoist ( EWRH - Standard )

Tractel offers next generation Electric Wire Rope Hoist called CHACK PUMA incorporating innovative & cutting edge technologies boasting world class quality. Our compact and robust design would give you best value for your money.

Design Puma Hoists are designed as per IS 3938 for Class II to IV duty operation.
Rope Drum Rope Drum is manufactured from seamless pipe machined and grooved on working surface. The drum is supported on heavy duty ball bearings.
Bearings Ball /Roller Anti-friction heavy duty bearings are used on all rotating parts.
Gear Box A unique high efficiency gear box is used. Helical gears are sealed in lubricants for life.
Trolley Push-Pull, hand geared or motorised trolleys of adjustable type & fitted with ball bearings, are supplied to suit recommended size beams.
Motors We offer totally enclosed aluminium body motors of our own make, conforming to IS 325, with excess capacity to suit our design, complete with Class "F" insulation.
Modular Construction Our design is of modular construction and it's maintenance is easy i.e. each unit such as brake, motors, gear box, rope drum control panel etc. are independent units, and can be maintained easily.
Hoisting Speed We offer comparatively higher hoisting speeds achieved through higher H.P. motors. This reduces handling time and increases productivity.
Brakes Heavy duty three phase AC/DC disc type brakes are provided on hoisting motor, normally held locked to sustain the full load when current supply is switched off either accidentally or intentionally.
Limit Switches Unique sliding type limit switches are provided to avoid over hoisting and towering, actuated by Rope Guide.
Control Panel Integrated unit housed in sheet metal box mounted on side plate.
Testing Load tests carried out at our works with overload at 25% and test certificate issued with each hoist.
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